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Office Phone Use Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In the Junior High and High School Building, we are trying to promote responsibility of our students. Students are always allowed to use the phone in the office if they are sick or have any type of emergency in which they need to contact a parent or guardian and this policy will not change. However, several students who have misused this phone privilege for other purposes. Effective August 17, 2009, we will be implementing a new office policy for these calls (example: forgot book, gym clothes, lunch money, need permission to ride a different bus, etc.). Because we donít expect students to be perfect, each student will be allowed to call home one time for anything other than illness or emergency. We will have a sheet in the office that they will sign at the time they use their call. Hopefully, this will promote our students to come to school prepared for the day ahead and keep the phone lines open for school business. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this issue.